20th February, Getting to Western Park.

Today was the day. The day treatment was to begin. The day where I only had a few hours left of feeling ‘normal’ before the 12 weeks of fighting cancer would begin.

I was told I needed to be at the hospital in Sheffield for 2pm, however, you needed to call the ward clerk before 9am to check they definitely had a bed for you. 9am on the dot I called, gave my name, DOB and after a short pause they confirmed they had a bed for me.

Head freshly shaved (I didn’t want to see clumps of hair fall out so I bit the bullet), 2 cases packed (Robin wanted to be as close as possible to me so booked in to a hotel next to the hospital) and giving our dog Lola a big cuddle in the car we got. I looked at our house as if it was the last time I was going to see it. Crazy I know but at the time my emotions were all over the place. What I would have done to be back to normal and enjoying a day at home!

What about Lola you ask? Don’t worry, we weren’t leaving her on her own for 5 days. Thankfully, my parents were helping out and would be staying out our house whilst I was in hospital.

Usually the drive to Sheffield is an enjoyable one, we’d be heading to Meadowhall for a bit of shopping, the city centre for a meal or the Peak District for a walk, not today! The 20 mile journey seemed to take ages, if I recall correctly, neither of us spoke much in the car, just a lot of deep thinking and teary eyes.

We’d arrived. The place that was going to get me better over the next 12 weeks.

If you’re starting your cancer journey soon or you’re helping someone through there’s, please, please try and stay positive. I know you’ll have been told it a million times already, but believe me, it is what gets you through.

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