Taking time out…Trip to Chatsworth.

Ok, so my last blog finished with the line….Next stop, Sheffield Cancer hospital….however I thought a trip Robin (my wife) and I made to Chatsworth House the weekend before was an important part of this journey so here’s a bit of context.

Apart from being one of the grandest stately homes in the UK and arguably in the world, Chatsworth House has a special place in mine and Robins relationship. Role back to Christmas Eve 2008 and if all had gone to plan it was going to be the place where I proposed, that was until we arrived there and saw the sign ‘closed until Spring’. I hold my hands up, that was bad planning on my part!

Anyway, fast forward to the 1st weekend in February and with the knowledge the next few months were going to be not only challenging but uncertain, the Macmillan nurse suggested we went for a good walk and fresh air to somewhere we enjoyed. Chatsworth it was!

As special as the place was and still is to us, this particular visit was like no other. Never did I think I’d be going to a place that was special to us carrying the news we’d just been told a few days earlier.

Walking around the beautiful grounds, my mind couldn’t help but keep wandering to thoughts about the path ahead and what I would do to be able to go back to being ‘normal’. Like the true rock in my life that Robin is, she kept telling me everything was going to be ‘alright’ and to just enjoy the day together.

No matter what journey you’re on, or who you’re on it with, make sure you take some time to clear your head, it works wonders…

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