Week 2, The Friday phone call…

Friday’s, day of the week that everyone feels great. The weekend is only hours away and all the stresses of the work week seem like a distant memory. Well that’s how I usually felt on a Friday afternoon, however this Friday was going to turn out that little bit differently.

The previous week when I had seen the consultant at the Head, neck and throat clinic I had asked them to call me with the biopsy results as soon as they had them as my appointment to see them wasn’t until the Monday so I didn’t want to spend all weekend worrying about it.

After waiting most of the day nervously by my phone, my wife and I decided to take our dog Lola for a walk to the fields. Of course, it was at this time the hospital would call me.

The consultant and a Macmillan nurse were on the other end of the phone, my wife was a few feet away from me at the time so I gestured to her to come over to me.

The consultant checked if I wanted to know the results over the phone to which I replied “yes”.

The words that came out of her mouth went something like this….the biopsy results have come back and have surprised us all….it is not Lymphoma as we suspected….For a brief moment my wife started to jump up and down, but then the consultant continued…..what I can tell you from the results is that it is linked to Urology and we will be sending you to see the Urologist consultant asap.

I immediately started to ask questions, all of which there were no answers to on this phone call. I would have to wait until the consultant appointment with the head, neck and throat team the following Monday.

My Friday feeling had been swept away from me.

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