Diagnosis, Week 2, the MRI scan!

Being someone who doesn’t like confined spaces I wasn’t looking forward to having an MRI scan. It didn’t help that both my parents had previously had an MRI scan and neither of them spoke positively about the experience.

Anyway, the day arrived. MRI scan here I come!

My wife accompanied me to the hospital and as usual was my voice of reasoning. “if your mum can do it, you can do it” she kept telling me!

After a short wait my name was called. After a few simple instructions were given I handed over my CD (you’re allowed to take your own music) and in I went to the MRI room.

The scanner was bigger than I had imagined, but the thought of spending some 30 minutes in it still made me feel awfully nervous.

In I went, it was a thin, tube like scanner that I lay flat on my back. I recall having some sort of mirror above me which enabled me to see down the tunnel towards my feet and the room where the staff were operating the scanner.

The machine started up, far nosier than I was expecting so I was glad I’d brought my CD to calm me down and drown out the noise. Unfortunately, it became apparent after about 10 minutes that the nurse had forgotten to put my CD in, so the noise of the machine was my soundtrack for the next 20 minutes.

Time in the MRI scanner seems to go so slowly and unsurprisingly, your body seems to get a tickle in places you simply can’t access whilst in the tube!

After a lot of anxious thoughts, annoying tickles and loud noises the MRI scan was over.

Another test down in my diagnosis journey!

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2 thoughts on “Diagnosis, Week 2, the MRI scan!

  1. I am so proud of you for standing up and fighting this illness that you didn’t deserve .well done to you and Robin.


  2. went out for a meal with you so good to see you looking so strong and determined to live life well done James


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