Blog Posts

Below are links to my Cancer Journey blog posts in the order of how my experience unfolded.

January 2018:

The Cancer Journey Begins

January 8th – What’s the lump?

Diagnosis – week one begins!

Diagnosis, week 2, MRI Scan

Week 2, The Friday Phone Call

Week 3, the Results

February 2018:

Week 4, Urology Team & telling friends

Taking time out…Trip to Chatsworth

Week 5 & 6, My 34th Birthday, & Western Park

Some much needed last minute advice…

20th February, Getting to Western Park

20th February, Settling in and treatment starts

Treatment continues. 21st – 24th February

Returning Home after treatment

An emotional week at home after the first lot of treatment…

March 2018:

Top up week and an idea that helped me a lot.

Seeing my consultant, a friends visit and Cycle Two Begins…

Some thoughts about work during my second cycle…

April 2018:

Hair today, gone tomorrow…

Third cycle, 75% complete, 2nd to last, let’s go.

Almost there…the final cycle of BEP

May 2018:

The Results, ‘Take One’…

More Tests to follow the first results.

June 2018:

Friday 8th June – The ‘final’ results…

July 2018:

So you’re better now?

September 2018:

September, 4 months after treatment.

October 2018:

Open Arms. Life is coming back together!

November 2018:

Belonging; Again

December 2018:

Battling with the first anniversary? You’re not alone.