Week 5 & 6, My 34th Birthday, & Western Park

February. Some may describe it as a dull, dark and uneventful month. Me on the other hand has always loved February, why? It's my birthday month and I love birthdays!! February 2018 though, was no normal birthday month. My birthday fell on a Monday (12th February) and as luck would have it, so did my … Continue reading Week 5 & 6, My 34th Birthday, & Western Park

Treatment continues. 21st – 24th February

6:30am. I get woken by a nurse asking me to take my "readings" these consisted of taking recordings of my bloods, blood pressure, heart rate and temperature. And as I'd soon figure out, they happened morning, afternoon and night time to make sure your body was in a 'fit' state to receive the treatment. After … Continue reading Treatment continues. 21st – 24th February