The Cancer Journey Begins

Twelve months ago today (30th July) I was at a neighbours wedding, helping them celebrate their special day. The previous day, we’d had friends over and enjoyed a nice summers evening over some great food, conversation and the odd glass of wine.

Fast forward twelve months and I would never have thought I’d be sat at home writing a blog about my cancer journey. The idea to write a blog came to me last night as I was falling asleep, doing what I have done for the past few months whereby I relive moments from the last 6 months over and over in my head. Then the idea came to me, what if I write my Cancer journey down for others to read, what if my experience and something I write could help someone else going through or helping a loved one go through their cancer journey?

So, what was my cancer journey?

January 8th 2018. My wife and I had just enjoyed a Spa day, feeling relaxed, detoxed and rejuvenated. I sat and waited for my wife in the lounge area of the spa. For some reason, my right hand decided to wander down my neck, something I wouldn’t usually do and there it was; a lump.

Finding this lump would change my life forever and it’s the journey I have been on since that I want to share with you, in the hope that something I say may just help in your cancer journey.


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Spa day

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